Lillies and Remains

Sunday, September 12, 2004

i some awesome music videos !

jewel/you were meant for me-this is such a beautiful video(too bad jewel went all diva now!-donna)
sinead o' connor/nothing compares to U-this video is so moving she made herself cry!
foo fighters/big me-HAHAHAHAHAHA holy shiza this thing is funny (dave grohls so cute!-donna)
bauhaus/shes in parties-this video defines coooooool. like it has it all: strobe lights, black gray and white colour, coffee, fishnet gloves, lightbulbs, peter murphy... ( but really, the good thing is kevin haskins-rose)
velvet revolver/slither-scott weiland looks awesome. did he go to rehab or something? (haha, no i love scott-donna)
just/radiohead-just what the hell did that guy say?(that question is actually one of rocks seven unsolved mysteries)
thriller/michael jackson-the man can DANCE!
scream/michael and janet jackson-oh yaaaa they are bro and sis!
low/foo fighters-hehehe is this what guys really do when they go up to the cabin for the weekend


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