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Friday, September 10, 2004

i HATE jock schools!!!!

uhhh gawd i freekin LOATHE jock schools. you cant choose really can you? you just end up going to one. you can never tell either. sometimes theres subtle hints: all the teachers (male and female) wear tucked in golf shirts. theres 3 gyms. theres that smell...the smell of rubber and sweat. theres always buses parked in the lot. theres always these kids you dont know in uniforms mingling around in the foyer. your science, socials, technical education AND math teacher all used to be PE teachers and/or football coaches. the school building looks like its made of plastic...
...but its not always that easy to tell. i go to a jock school. i mean its named after a friggin athlete! my gym classes are three friggin hours long on a double block!!!!!! today they made us (the girls) do laps on the track. my psycho feminist gym teacher, ms. mckarthy, believes that girls should be just as good as the boys. better than the boys. we had to seven laps on the 500m track!! im sorry but that was just complete hell. but of course that was just the warmup to football. this is my FOURTH day dammit! RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


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