Lillies and Remains

Friday, September 10, 2004



when you are on a diet Corn Pops smell like popcorn from the movie theatre of the gods...
...thats why i dont.

health specialists say you have to drink eight glasses of water a day. eight glasses a water a day? thats ridicilous and unconvenient! do the math: thats 3 glasses of water for every meal of the day. huh? where did they come up with that? who actually drinks that much water? peoople have never been drinking that much water. the sad truth is that evian paid research scientists to give that false information. let me tell you about all the lies we have been fed on the unhealthiness of coca cola and pepsi...which is actually in fact just more false information given by scientists paid with money from the pepsi and coca cola companys. pepsi paid lab doctors to give false health information on coca cola, making it seem that the coca cola drink was high in carbohydrates and sugar intakes. in turn coca cola flashed back on pepsi, paying their own scientists to give out the same false info on pepsi. so when you gulp a cola or a pepsi and you feel all the sugar seize your heart...dont worry. its just all in your head!

i drink cola every day. im five six and i weigh one hundred pounds. i can run 3 laps on a 500m track in seven minutes. down with the myths fed to us by corporate companys!


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