Lillies and Remains

Thursday, September 09, 2004


you cant download ANYTHING for free!

ok this is my first impression of high school:
wake up at a quarter past six
catch the bus
which is crammed full of people, three to a seat!
rush to classes
fighting through a crushing wall of people
and trying not to fall asleep
i finally see friends and food for fifteen minutes
laps and laps and laps on the track
finally get home at four
and go to sleep at twelve
with tomorrows test laughing in your face
i am so
and its only the third day!

uhhhh god this morning i had to take my guitar with me to school. i almost missed the bus and i had to run a whole block carrying it. the thing is a Goliath! it seriously ways 40 pounds! i hope mr. macca was happy with it. he said it was "very ...unique ". hmmmm i dont think that means i have a collectors item.


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