Lillies and Remains

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Fashion For Men:Pink

I know...what?! but it's true! i see guys with pink shoes, pink shirts, pink hoodies and pink labels (mostly adidas). i havent seen any pants yet though... and not just on the potentially gay guys but the macho-think-theyre-so-gangsta-shout-degrading-women-jokes-to-eachother-when-the-teachers-not-there guys too! i remember i heard a DJ say on the radio that the new color for men this year was pink. so have guys been always been wearing pink, and i just never paid attention until i heard that radio DJ say something? or is it really the new hot shade for men? hmmmm i dunno...but i think its great!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

i some awesome music videos !

jewel/you were meant for me-this is such a beautiful video(too bad jewel went all diva now!-donna)
sinead o' connor/nothing compares to U-this video is so moving she made herself cry!
foo fighters/big me-HAHAHAHAHAHA holy shiza this thing is funny (dave grohls so cute!-donna)
bauhaus/shes in parties-this video defines coooooool. like it has it all: strobe lights, black gray and white colour, coffee, fishnet gloves, lightbulbs, peter murphy... ( but really, the good thing is kevin haskins-rose)
velvet revolver/slither-scott weiland looks awesome. did he go to rehab or something? (haha, no i love scott-donna)
just/radiohead-just what the hell did that guy say?(that question is actually one of rocks seven unsolved mysteries)
thriller/michael jackson-the man can DANCE!
scream/michael and janet jackson-oh yaaaa they are bro and sis!
low/foo fighters-hehehe is this what guys really do when they go up to the cabin for the weekend

uhhh bad day!


i feel like a dead body today! ive been living off my homemade cappucinos, tylenol and KFC double fudge brownies. now tell me thats healthy...
i couldnt get any sleep last night so around two in the morning i went on the computer and ate a whole row of Fudgeeo cookies (and some Pepto Bismol for the naseau). i am not going to live past 40! hmmmm...actually thats exagerrating it...i am not going to live past 30!

Friday, September 10, 2004



when you are on a diet Corn Pops smell like popcorn from the movie theatre of the gods...
...thats why i dont.

health specialists say you have to drink eight glasses of water a day. eight glasses a water a day? thats ridicilous and unconvenient! do the math: thats 3 glasses of water for every meal of the day. huh? where did they come up with that? who actually drinks that much water? peoople have never been drinking that much water. the sad truth is that evian paid research scientists to give that false information. let me tell you about all the lies we have been fed on the unhealthiness of coca cola and pepsi...which is actually in fact just more false information given by scientists paid with money from the pepsi and coca cola companys. pepsi paid lab doctors to give false health information on coca cola, making it seem that the coca cola drink was high in carbohydrates and sugar intakes. in turn coca cola flashed back on pepsi, paying their own scientists to give out the same false info on pepsi. so when you gulp a cola or a pepsi and you feel all the sugar seize your heart...dont worry. its just all in your head!

i drink cola every day. im five six and i weigh one hundred pounds. i can run 3 laps on a 500m track in seven minutes. down with the myths fed to us by corporate companys!

how to be a better person

ya you should REALLY look at this.

*watch movies that will make you cry
*write poems about a cat you want to have (especially one from the shelter)
*put magnets on your fridge
*eat strawberries
*listen to sly and the family stone
*put fruit in your cereal
*watch oprah
*make crafts
*plant an apple tree
*drink V8 juice
*get a dog and name it "buddy"
*become a youth councillor
*subscribe to "better living"
*bleach your teeth

the veggie's staring at you

do vegetables have feelings? i mean there's girl n' guy veggies for christsake! i myself believe in sentience. maybe not the kindof sentience where those flowers wont grow because they hate you or maybe not even the kind in edgar allan poe's the fall of the house of usher. what i believe is that the vegetables are definatley living beings. like if you eat a cuke you're eating something that's alive and that's jesussick. vegetables are not plant they are living species. maybe they are the human species perfected. they are also the only closest thing we are going to to get to another species on another planet not tall reddishgrey guys with oversized eyes and head (
see mission to mars.) whatever i'm serious about this!

i HATE jock schools!!!!

uhhh gawd i freekin LOATHE jock schools. you cant choose really can you? you just end up going to one. you can never tell either. sometimes theres subtle hints: all the teachers (male and female) wear tucked in golf shirts. theres 3 gyms. theres that smell...the smell of rubber and sweat. theres always buses parked in the lot. theres always these kids you dont know in uniforms mingling around in the foyer. your science, socials, technical education AND math teacher all used to be PE teachers and/or football coaches. the school building looks like its made of plastic...
...but its not always that easy to tell. i go to a jock school. i mean its named after a friggin athlete! my gym classes are three friggin hours long on a double block!!!!!! today they made us (the girls) do laps on the track. my psycho feminist gym teacher, ms. mckarthy, believes that girls should be just as good as the boys. better than the boys. we had to seven laps on the 500m track!! im sorry but that was just complete hell. but of course that was just the warmup to football. this is my FOURTH day dammit! RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


donna: im a bit of a poet (=

do you remember
when i was you
and you were me?
but now im a ghost
a pale white host
to your raptures below
and i would feed it
between my clothes
so you could remember
the beautiful rains
from the tortured heavens
but the sunshines gone
replaced with the Cold
but i can still see you
through you hazy halo,
Angel of Men
and i will hold on
to the rays from the sun
to the taste of your tongue
like a dark candle
i will burn on.
with elegant grace
we will sift through black lace
i refuse to lie
on the tray of the dead
i am cold but i am not dead
and the passionate ones will burn in their flames
but i will still feed
on your heavenly pain
and when Dark raises his arms
the moon will be soft
and the sun will be hard
i will burn on your crucifix
with my sadistic return from Golgothas black pits.
and we will scream
in Hates rancid waste
and i will drop
this mask from my face
the flowery decay of carnations in bloom
i can just taste my excruciate doom
and when my blood rots on your sheets
we will still sleep there with delirious dreams.
i will wash the blood and milk from your eyes
and when you can see
we will feast with the flies
all over our skin
to rape the Pure Virgin
with the Nights own semen
and we will embrace
in this foggy landscape
empty and gray
outside this room, that you cant escape
and when a Black Death
comes through your door
you will be standing there
asking for more
and we will reunite
in the field of dead cows
in the field of dead cows
we will reunite

Thursday, September 09, 2004

one hit wonders

donna: my fav one hit wonder of all time has got to be Verves "Bittersweet Symphony"! are Verve one hit wonders anyway? i never thought they were...

you cant download ANYTHING for free!

ok this is my first impression of high school:
wake up at a quarter past six
catch the bus
which is crammed full of people, three to a seat!
rush to classes
fighting through a crushing wall of people
and trying not to fall asleep
i finally see friends and food for fifteen minutes
laps and laps and laps on the track
finally get home at four
and go to sleep at twelve
with tomorrows test laughing in your face
i am so
and its only the third day!

uhhhh god this morning i had to take my guitar with me to school. i almost missed the bus and i had to run a whole block carrying it. the thing is a Goliath! it seriously ways 40 pounds! i hope mr. macca was happy with it. he said it was "very ...unique ". hmmmm i dont think that means i have a collectors item.

the drugs are bad man

rose: my arm is doing really bad man. it makes david bowie in his thin white duke days look really good. i'm hearing airplanes flying around in my ears man. last nite when it happened i opened up my window and thought i was gonna see a jet plane flying really low. it was just my ears. it's happening constantly now. can barely hear anything too. my arm. jesus! i can't control it!!!